Honest Tea

The Most Honest City In America was a social experiment created for Honest Tea that garnered over a hundred press stories from morning news programs to national publications.



Research showed that users preferred msnbc.com over other news sites because it spans the entire news continuum –
A Fuller Spectrum of News.


Citi x The President's Cup

Citi is a partner with The President's Cup – the premiere golf event in the NYC area. We created a campaign that showed New Yorkers how golf is an unlikely but natural partner.



Nilly is an app that offers a new way to plan meals while saving you time and money, and minimizing food waste. 


Bad Seed Chili Granola

Chili Granola is a new condiment brand that was conceived, produced, branded and marketed by myself and a couple friends from the advertising world.

bad seed chili granola

Obama For America

The People’s White House helped to demonstrate that the Obama campaign was listening to the public’s concerns. Users decide what issues are most important to them, creating a visualization of our nation’s priorities in real-time.

obama people's white house site

The Condimentary

Hard-to-find condiments from all over the world, delivered right to your door. The Condimentary is an online retailer that caters to the curious, global palate.

the condimentary website

Tandem Careplanning

The caregiving business was ironically lacking in the area of compassion and understanding. CaregiversDirect saw that and decided to rebuilt it's approach and brand from the ground up. So they created Tandem, a new, humanistic approach in the caregiving space. 



Bloomberg Insights is a series of infographic videos that highlight how Bloomberg makes meaningful connections across emerging stories impacting the world of business.


Citi ThankYou Travel

An overhaul of Citi’s ThankYou benefits site included a complete redesign of their travel portal, where users could directly book flights, hotels and more.

citi thankyou travel site

Google Offers

Launch spot for the new Google Offers app. A baseball loving family with a little slugger in the making discovers Google Offers for all the things they love across the web.


Citi x Team USA

Citi is an official partner of the US Olympic and Paralympic teams. As part of this partnership, Citi encouraged athletes to share their stories and allow visitors to the site to decide what part of the donation would go to which charity.

citi team usa every step of the way site

Smoke Bomb Boys