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An average American family wastes the equivilent of $1600 of food every year. It was that fact - combined with our own frustration with the grocery shopping and cooking experience, that we created Nilly.

Presented as an intuitive meal planning app, Nilly’s machine learning algorithm adapts to each user. After choosing all the meals you’d like, Nilly creates an optimized grocery list.

Users can automatically add items to the cart of the online grocer of your choice. Curated meal plans make things even easier - one click and your entire week’s meals are ready to go.

You Pick Meals, Nilly Does The Rest

To create a customized meal plan, users simply choose meals that they want. Nilly adds all necessary ingredients and then analyzes the ingredients and presents new meals that will help optimize your grocery list, saving you money and minimizing waste.


Curated Meal Plans

A collection of curated meal plans makes planning your meals even easier. Whether you are gluten free, vegan, or just want to try something new from around the world, there is a curated meal plan for you.

Step-by-step Cooking Instructions

Easy to follow instructions take you through the recipe one step at a time. When you've cooked a meal, it is marked at 'made' letting Nilly know those ingredients have been used.

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