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Among online news sites, attracted visitors because of it’s wide range of news. It was equally appreciated for it’s ‘hard’ news and for it’s softer side.

We developed an integrated campaign called A Fuller Spectrum Of News. It included TV, print and online advertising as well as very non-traditional advertising. reached #1 in online news and became one of the year's most awarded integrated campaigns, including One Show pencils, an Effie, and a Webby award.

1 Select news channels to add into your personalized feed

2 The NewsCollector allows you to save stories to read later or share with friends

3 You can choose to go to the full story or save it to the NewsCollector

4 See the channels you’ve added or jump to that channel

5 Choose between Orbital View, Auto Mode, Color or Audio Sensor

6 Search all news feeds using keywords

NewsBreaker Live marked the world premiere of interactive crowd gaming; a new mass media technology and media vehicle. It dramatically changed the experience of waiting for a movie; transforming a passive wait into a unique and interactive experience and turned moviegoers into human joysticks.

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